Monday, September 29, 2008

lets go dodgers!

did a couple of pretty fun things this weekend so it was hard to know what photo to lead with on monday morning...

i ended up deciding on the dodger postseason rally that i attended last night at dodger stadium. three pictures for your viewing pleasure today. it was pretty fun to attend an event like this. my blue jays haven't been in the playoffs since their last world series championship in 1993, so a chance to attend something like this for my adopted national league team was pretty special. 10,000 fans ended up coming to this free gathering.

it got me very geared up for their first home playoff game coming up next weekend against the cubs - and lucky me, i was able to snag a pair of tickets for the big game. should be great!

tommy lasorda got things kicked off with a very inspiring speach about what it means to be a fan of the dodgers.

after several announcements that the team bus was leaving the airport, on the 105, heading north on the 110, in downtown, passing the staples center, getting off at the dodger stadium exit, etc., the team finally arrived. manager joe torre spoke a few words then handed the mic to nomar garciaparra and manny ramirez to thunderous applause.

you might say i've come full circle this season.

you'll see what else i was up to this weekend when you see tomorrow's photo.


From de Cafe said...

blue must be your favorite color.

i think mayor proctor's fav team is the Dodgers, along with his good personal friend WCGB.

i luved that long stringly Manny Ramirez hair you had on sunday.

ben wideman said...

Blue IS my favorite color... and probably no coincidence that the Blue Jays and Dodgers both wear blue. I also grew up cheering for the Maple Leafs (blue and white), and went to school at EMU where the Royals wear blue and white.

There were a ton of people at the rally with Manny wigs, but I was not one of them.

Anonymous said...

I've been to one Dogers game, and that was with my father. I did it for the company but confess to bringing a book with me. I do remember seeing Tommy Lasorda come into Burger Continental (on Lake) to pick up his take out order (for the team).

ben wideman said...

My wife will often bring a book to games as well. I like that she supports me enough to come to stuff I like, even when she's not fully into it!

That's pretty sweet that the Dodgers would order takeout food from Pasadena...

USelaine said...

The only Dodgers game I saw in person, Sandy Koufax was playing. It was at night, we were way up in the back, and it was cold. Pretty colors though. My grandfather up here in Mendocino county was a big fan. He had antenna wire strung from his house to the barn across the road so he could pick up a strong signal from KFI, and the immortal voice of Vin Scully.

Hey, I thought you might be interested in this:

There's an international grassroots effort to protest state surveillance and simultaneous oppression of individual liberty. The double whammy on photographers.

ben wideman said...

Koufax, eh? I'm pretty jealous!

That website/protest looks pretty fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

andrew|foderaro said...

soooo a flip flopper huh :-) ... we will have to see how that goes ... i am so excited for playoffs this year it is going to be great times, actually heading to game two thursday so will be rooting hard for those fighting phils! ... been really enjoying your pics lately also especially the b/w picture at euro pane... love the depth with the reflection

Mister Earl said...

Hi Ben:

I didn't hear about this rally.

Did you take any photos of AT&T Park in San Francisco? Would love to see them here, especially if they include the Bridge and the Bay.

ben wideman said...

Good to hear from you Drew. Maybe we'll have flashbacks of 93 - this time it will be Manny instead of Joe hitting a walk off and Lidge instead of the Wild Thing serving it up :)

Mr. Earl, I didn't know about the event either until closer to the weekend I got an e-mail from the Dodgers. I've got some ballpark pictures posted here -

Considering your request would be easy to fulfill, I could add one to this blog.