Sunday, September 28, 2008

photo request #11: cinnamon roll from euro pane

yesterday's post invoked my lunchtime companion to request this photo i took of my fantastic cinnamon roll i ordered while we were dining at euro pane.

this blog is made better with input from it's readers. if there is a photo missing from around pasadena that you would like to see here, simply let me know and i'll do my best to track it down! you can check out the 10 previous photo requests right here.

those who may have missed this announcement in the side panel, if you would like to have your pasadena business featured on this blog, send me a paypal donation for my new bike fund and i'd be happy to grant your request!


Petrea said...

Yum! I must go eat a mound of sugar now.

From de Cafe said...

I recall reading a Pasadena Weekly (or M. Shindler?) review back in the last century about the greatness of their cinnamon roll.

Thus, this is the very 1st thing I ate at this cafe some 12 years ago. bw, your photo actually looks better than the up close & personal real deal - good camera!

My fav, however, would be either one of the french macaroons or the lemon bar or the holiday pumpkin pie, or the one of the very best croissants outside of France.

Wait, my real fav is the coffee - in my humble opinion the best in Pasadena.

Miss Havisham said...

Big wheel keep on turnin'

Laurie said...

And now, by association in my cold-medicine brain, I am hearing strains of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl."

Clare Scott said...

Ben - a couple of requests.
1. There's what I guess is a no-longer-operating gas station on Green somewhere near the back of Incycle, with those old style pumps. They look in pretty good order - a photo would be fun.
2. There's some kind of glass housing for a lamp, I think, on the top of the Bank of the West building on the corner of Madison and Colorado, that always makes me think of the glass elevator in C&tCF. A photo of that would be great, day or night or perhaps one of each.

ben wideman said...

I love it Miss H!

Oh man, Cinnamon Girl... that brings back some good memories of singing along to the radio with my co-workers at the sweet corn farm.

Clare, looks like I've got some work to do!

Petrea said...

I don't even wanna tell you what's been stuck in my head for about two weeks. Maybe it'll leave when I finally get rid of my cold.

From de Cafe said...

bw, just in case -i know what Clare (another song is coming 2 me) is talkin about.