Friday, September 19, 2008


but i'm not really sure what there is a surplus of... i've been by here several times but it looks like they either do most of their business out the backdoor, or they are closed. i love this classic old neon sign look, pasadena's got a good suply of them.

don't look now, but i turn 26 today! breaking beyond that quarter century mark. i'll be celebrating up in sonoma valley with some close friends, should be great.


Laurie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! May your life be long and joyful with a surplus of years!

26 is a great age.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/tech-mama Laurie -> "26 is a great age."
It's so wunderful, I've celebrated my 26th on many a birthday.

I hope your friends are so great they feel led to bless u w/a bicycle for a bday gift.

Keith said...

Happy Birthday!
Oh, to be 26 again...

ben wideman said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings!