Friday, September 12, 2008

canyon city liquor

although this sign probably doesn't really do much anymore, at some point it had some neon lights shining from it. it was found just east of pasadena in azusa, ca - nicknamed the canyon city - hence the name of the liquor store.

for those who are new to this blog, friday is typically a day to showcase neon from around pasadena. you can see past entries right here.


Trish said...

this was a popular design oh...35 years+ ago in the area. I can recall several liquor stores with this style sign. I can also recall several other stores with similar styled signage.

I am guessing the store can't afford to take it down, or fix it up and it hasn't fallen down yet, so might as well leave it!

Barbara Rahal said...

oh nice sign!

Kim said...

Ben, I love these old Googie style signs. Growing up in So Cal, they were a huge part of my childhood landscape. I'm so glad to see you feature these. I like your idea of signs on Friday. Have a great start to the weekend!
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ben wideman said...

Thank you all for your comments! I just noticed that this picture is a little out of focus. Maybe I can snag a better one someday.

Anonymous said...

I should get to Azuza more often.