Saturday, February 07, 2009

dr. glen stassen

just thought i'd share a photo of one of my favorite fuller professors. i took this during his recent chapel presentation entitled "love poured into our hearts".

from the fuller website:

"dr. stassen joined the school of theology faculty in 1997, coming to fuller with 34 years of teaching experience. he is known for his work in theological ethics, politics, social justice, and peacemaking, particularly his work with development of the “just peacemaking” theory. stassen’s book kingdom ethics: following jesus in contemporary context was awarded a best book of 2004 by christianity today. other of his books include peace action:past, present, and future, living the sermon on the mount, and just peacemaking: transforming initiatives for justice and peace."


Cafe Observer said...

So, bw, what's the brief recap of his speech?

ben wideman said...

In short, it was about opening ourselves to each other in honesty. He also spoke about taking communion together.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Sounds like we blogger's already have that lesson down!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this, Ben. I know I know him, just can't quite figure out from where. His book sounds like one I need to pick up.