Friday, February 20, 2009

revisiting the castle

back in november i spent a week profiling the castle green. this is a left over photo from that series, and lets face it - with the recent rain i'm struggling for new material.

i'm going to go watch the amgen tour of california over the next few days. hopefully that will provide me with some useful images! the weather is supposed to be a little bit nicer than when they went through pasadena last year. for those in the area this weekend, the first riders are scheduled to arrive at the rose bowl around 3:00 on saturday for the finish of that stage. details can be found at the tour's website.


Cafe Pasadena said...

BW, make sure you take a shot of Lance Legstrong.

I'll be rooting for you in the bike race. You'll have an edge over those other racers since you know Pasadena better.

ben wideman said...

HA! I won't be riding in the Tour. This is big time stuff.