Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snorkel 60

this new building at the corner of fair oaks and california is beginning to look pretty sharp - actually it kind of reminds me of this building. i caught this guy welding something up there and i had hoped that i'd catch the spark of his welding torch - but i guess i failed in that regard.

do you think you could have a job that raises you up in a bucket every day? anyone afraid of heights out there in blogger land?


Jon said...

I would love that job... between sitting at a desk and being hoisted 50 feet in the air, I'd take the latter (or ladder).

ben wideman said...

ha ha, funny guy!

Tash said...

Ben, this is a suberb photo - love the leading line of the crane & the SNORKEL name. Nice building.

No fears of heights. Just of bosses. & they are around on any job. :)