Thursday, August 28, 2008

above the 210

i like the irony of this picture. empty tracks, a busy freeway, and the constant summer haze over it all. i can't wait for the sky to clear a bit as fall arrives.

for now i'm heading out of town once again. flying east to once again be involved in a wedding (the third one this summer!!). this time my good friend steve is getting married in ontario. i'll be posting more from pasadena and may sprinkle a few from canada while i'm on the road, or once i get back. comments are always welcome, but i may not be able to respond as quickly as i would like to.


andrew|foderaro said...

hey... you posted just after me... loving CDP thanks for the info... couldn't get my original blog on there yet but made a new one peace my friend

Petrea said...

You did it, Ben. This one's like pin-stripes. Well-ordered, citified and handsome. Ironic, too, just as you said. Good job!

Laurie said...

A nice image on so many levels, Ben. Well done!

ben wideman said...

thanks everyone!

Drew, welcome to the cdv family.