Sunday, August 10, 2008

malibu coast

this picture was taken by my mom back in may when they were here for a visit. i really like the composition and how meredith, my dad, and i get lost in the rocks.


Kim Thomas said...

Great Pic!

Laurie said...

Hey... I didn't notice you guys down there!

Wonderful shot.

Petrea said...

A perfect shot! I love the colors and composition. A classic, really. Your mom's got talent, Ben!

Virginia said...

Ouch, no sunbathing here. Just have to be satisfied with gazing at that fabulous view. Well done, Mom!

Ben Wideman said...

Kim - thanks! I'll pass on your comment to mom.

Laurie - I almost didn't see it either! I was looking through some old photos and found it.

Petrea - Mom is responsible for any artistic eye I have.

Virginia - yep! Just a day at the beach.