Sunday, August 31, 2008

kobe diem?

it took a bit of searching, but according to this article, kobe likes to seize the day. i guess it's kind of his thing to sign carpe diem after his autograph, but i doubt many basketball fans are fluent in latin... confusing, strange, and oddly fitting. way to go vitamin water.

anyway, the real reason for posting this picture is the amazing amount of firewood stacked around this sign. i've always wondered about this place. is there a big need for firewood in pasadena? does anyone ever buy wood here?


Laurie said...

Kobe emptor just doesn"t have the same ring to it...


Now I know where to go for firewood!

Anonymous said...

btw, bw, did you see a "No Smokin" sign around that forest?

It looks like you were at the corner of E. Colorado & Madre??

Trish said...

agree with life observer on the location. The place has been there for...oooh, eons. We used to pass it when we'd get off the 210 at Madre and go around the block to FedCo, which was located where the Target is now.

I do not ever recall seeing the piles of firewood get measurably smaller. I suspect there are people who use it, but whom that is, I am not sure.

ben wideman said...

you all have the place right. so it must be a solid business if it's been there for a while.

not sure if there is a no smoking sign there or not..