Friday, August 22, 2008

photo request #7: images of fuller seminary

petrea over at pasadena daily photo recently mentioned that i needed to feature my very own school more often. she's right of course, so i'll delay the bike trip photos one more day in favor of some friday neon and an image of fuller's student center.

a few notes about fuller theological seminary:

- largest multi-denominational seminary in the world
- almost 5000 students from 67 countries
- 108 christian denominations represented
- in addition to the main campus in pasadena there are 6 extension sites across the western usa

if you want something "uniquely pasadenian" featured on this blog, please drop me a line or make a comment. i'd be happy to oblige if i can figure out a way to take the requested image.


Laurie said...

I didn't realize Fuller had such a diverse student population. That's great!

THis is a cool choice for Friday neon.

ben wideman said...

Yeah, it's pretty amazing in that regard. They even welcome crazy Mennonite students like myself :)

life observer said...

bw, well, you must have not listed mennonite on your application to Fuller! I think they are just barely accepting womennonites.

Fuller is one of the great religious institutions in the world. We can thank Pasadena, and God, for that.

Q: since when do we need a Center for Lifelong learning? Isn't that just a fact of life. Ok, I guess I have come across some poor souls who definitely needed a Center for lifetime learning, to say the least! Interesting that there is no lifelong learning on the weekends - now I understand life better.

Here's a photo request: a pic of the new location of their bookstore/cafe on, Walnut. I liked it better when it was still on Los Robles.

ben wideman said...

Life Observer - hilarious! Womanites are people too :) Lifelong learning is a good thing, I'm not sure why it has to be contained in a center!

I'll try and get on that request for the bookstore. I had no idea it used to be on Los Robles! Located where?

Petrea said...

Ooh, I feel special! And I had no idea the school had such a huge population. Thanks for bringing us the facts and the photo, Ben.

ben wideman said...

Anytime! I aim to please.

life observer said...

bw: ok, the old bookstore was located at the ne corner of Los Robles & Union. the building is still there but my memory again fails me re what's in it now.
About, oh at least 4-5 yrs past it changed over.
I went to the old place in the last century. have yet to visit the new cafe/bookstore.

Cafe Observer said...

Yes, Petrea, Fuller has a huge # of students here!
I know bcuz I see/hear them all the time in whatever restaurant I'm at. They're always talkin serious about Christianity, philosophy..., and food & sex.

Just look at all the pics bw has of restaurants!

ben wideman said...

So true. Although I've been told there are less than 2000 on the Pasadena campus, it does seem like we make the rounds of the local establishments... and most Fuller students seem to want to debate pretty much everything - including food and sex.