Saturday, August 09, 2008

first ballgame?

i love this view of dodger stadium, it always makes me pause. when i opened the image to edit, i discovered this boy and his dad walking toward the stadium. maybe his first ballgame ever? i remember how incredible that experience was.


Anonymous said...

bw, it was opened in the pre-british invasion 60's.

It's one of ye oldest stadiums still standing. I believe Cubs Field, Red Sox Park, & Yankee Stadium r de only fields older. And after they kill off Yankee stadium this yr for a new version, Dodger Stadium will ranked older.

Yet, still looks young for its age despite all the human abuse its taken since the last century.

Laurie said...

Ben, this is wonderful. I hope the little one had a fun day at the ball game.

Petrea said...

Charming! He's so excited, he's running.

They had to evacuate Wrigley while I was in Chicago last week (due to a major thunderstorm). I wasn't at the ball field, but I've been there many times. It's smaller than Dodger Stadium, and a real beauty.

Kim Thomas said...

Some of the best times in my life weer watching baseball at Dodger stadium!

Great memory, thanks!

Ben Wideman said...

Thanks for the great comments! Baseball is special to me for many reasons and brings up tons of great memories. Going to games in Toronto are some of my fondest.

Petrea, I'm jealous of your visits to Wrigley. I'm half way through my ballpark quest and have yet to get to either Chicago parks. Meredith's sister lives there, we really have no excuse not to go to a game sometime.

Petrea said...

My experience of ballparks is limited to Wrigley, Dodger stadium, the new White Sox park and the old one, Comiskey. Sorry if you missed that one. Wrigley's the best. If you love ballparks, put Wrigley at the top of your list. It's an old-fashioned park. You'll think you're in a much earlier decade, and you'll love it. Go to a day-time game to get the full effect.