Tuesday, August 12, 2008

checking in from the side of the road

just a quick note from the bike trip. here we are fixing a flat along the side of the road in maryland. we've biked over 200 miles so far, with well over 100 still to come. highlights include our trip to dogfish head brewery, the cape may-lewes ferry, and weathering a hailstorm from the mens room at our janes island state park campsite.

internet options have been limited, so this is probably going to be it for now. tomorrow's post will be back to some older pasadena images. more pictures of the bike trip will be posted once i'm back home (aug. 18ish).


Petrea said...

Even with a flat tire, it looks like you guys are having a great time.

Laurie said...

Go Ben! I can't let my husband Jon see this picture. He's a cyclist who hasn't gotten much cycling in lately and this might be too much... :-)

Have a great time. Looking forward to more pics when you return.

AP said...



Kim said...

Go, Ben, go! Flats happen, and I hate when it's a back tire (I usually put a guard in my back tube, I hate them so much, and unlike my husband's zippy changes, I'm so slow at repair). Hey, my great uncle was the lighthouse keeper at Cape May. Hope you are withstanding the humidity okay. I wilt in mid-atlantic summers. Enjoy the rest of the trip, and I will look forward to perhaps seeing more of the adventure when you get back.
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Ben Wideman said...

Great comments, and thanks so much for the additional info and links. You all are fantastic!