Sunday, August 03, 2008

more metal

here is an image i was considering for this month's theme day. this metal cocoon sits at the corner of el molino and walnut. i'm sure there is a name for this sculpture, but i don't know it... does anyone out there know?

update: thanks to palm axis for informing me that this artwork is by mark lere.


Laurie said...

I don't officially know what it is, but my daughter calls it "that weird silver thing."


Palm Axis said...

Mark Lere

Ben Wideman said...

thanks for the insight palm!

pasadenapio said...

You can learn more about public art in Pasadena at (scroll down to the "Public Art" section).

Virginia said...

How tall is that bowling pin? VERY COOL piece.
Like your photos Ben!

Ben Wideman said...

PIO - always so helpful with information. It's like it's your job or something :)

Virginia - thank you so much for the compliment!