Friday, August 08, 2008


jake's on colorado claim to have some amazing burgers. i need to try them out. they also have billiards, which they advertise on top of the store in neon. the restaurant looks small, so the pool tables must be in the back or downstairs or something.


pasadenapio said...

The pool tables are downstairs -- several of them in a really cool area.

Anonymous said...

bw, let us know how de burgers/price compare with in/out when u get bak in town.

4 sum reason all these yrs I've never felt pulled to visit the place. Probably becuz, I rarely visit Old Pas - 4 me that part is too buzy with too many visitors. But, if the burgers are really great, then....!

The joint looks either empty or closed at the time.

Ben Wideman said...

PIO - once again, a wealth of info.

Cafe - I'll let you know what I find.