Wednesday, August 27, 2008

big tujunga canyon road

on a crazy route suggestion of my friends ryan and alethia, i took a bike ride earlier this week that turned out to be one of the most difficult i've ever undertaken. tim and i set out early monday morning and headed out to sunland, ca where we turned into the mountains following big tujunga canyon road. what we faced was 15 miles and almost two hours of gradual climbing - almost 1500 feet of altitude change, winding up the mountain sides.

we ran out of water along the way, and were cursing ryan and alethia by the end, but we were also blessed with some amazing canyon views, and a very quick and fun 10 mile decent down hwy 2 back to la canada and eventually pasadena. almost 50 miles of intense riding is a crazy way to start off a monday morning.


Laurie said...

Gorgeous! You know, my husband loves those intense climbing rides. He always says he wishes he could climb both ways on a ride. (I know, I don't get it either!)

THanks for taking us along. What a rewarding view for your hard grind!

Anonymous said...

You were cursing??
A cursing Christian? Cruising the unknown.
Sounds like you really need a new bike now almost as much as I need a new cam.
bw, I'm gonna have to donate sumthing to your fund.

ben wideman said...

Laurie, bikers like your husband make me envious. The love of climbing hills is something I rarely feel.

LO, we were cursing in the kindest, most Christian sense :) How is the camera search coming along?

Anonymous said...

bw, let your inner Lance Legstrong free!

Cam search is on hold until you get your funds 1st.
Actually, cam research has taken a back seat due to lack of time lately.