Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mlb all-star home run derby

to make a long story short, yesterday started out with the extremely fun all star fan festival - which is what i planned to show a picture of today (i may post a few pictures of that later this week).  but it evolved in to somehow getting in to the home run derby at angel stadium without paying anything at all for our tickets!

i went with my friend sam, and needless to say we had an amazing day!


PulledPorker said...

Although Plaschke's article in the Times irked a lot of Dodgers fans, I agreed with it 100%. Having gone to both Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium several times in the past year, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. The surrounding area is prettier at Dodger Stadium, but as for the stadiums themselves, I cannot think of a single advantage Dodger Stadium has over Angel Stadium.

ben wideman said...


I'd say from a historic standpoint, you get a sense that you are in a vintage ballpark at DS. Whereas, in Anaheim you feel like you are in an old ballpark with an extreme makeover. That, for one, is a plus in my mind.

I also could do without the Disney-like rocks in CF.

I could go on, but I sense that your mind is already made up :)

PulledPorker said...

Hey, that doesn't mean I won't listen... I'm not that guy.

Seriously, though, 15 years ago I would have agreed with you about the "vintage ballpark" feel of DS. That is all gone for me now. The park was blissfully free of advertisments. The outfield walls were covered with murals of former Dodger greats, not ads that make it look like a minor league park. There were no flashing neon lights.

I admit I am probably biased based on how much I used to like the park compared to what it looks like now. Angels Stadium may be hokey, but I like that better than what Dodger Stadium has become.

ben wideman said...

Fair enough.

I certainly think the Dodgers need to learn a lesson in how to allow fans to move around the park. At AS, you can move around the entire thing with any ticket. You cannot move from the bleachers to the stands at DS. Not cool.