Monday, April 06, 2009

los angeles beer festival review

i'm going to pronounce it a smashing success. $40 got you in the door, a festival tasting glass, and all the 4 ounce samples you wanted (provided that the brewery didn't run out of your favorite beer).

several los angeles brewers were showcased including skyscraper, the bruery, bootleggers, and angel city (shown above). while previously i had critisized the planners for including budweiser and some other larger breweries, the festival had a great selection of really creative and tasty beers.

this picture makes me chuckle - this is a beer festival, yet you can see a spiderman poster, a guy on his cell phone, bottles of mineral water, and of course sunglasses - soooooooo los angeles.


Laurie said...

Looks fun, Ben! said...

Glad to see my buddy Phils Skyscraper beer there! His hefeweizen is delicious!

ben wideman said...

We did have fun Laurie.

1916 - I was happy to see it there too, because I had never tried it before.

Cafe Observer said...
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Cafe Observer said...

This is an unbelievable picture, bw!
I can't believe how steady & clear it looks. I wasn't expecting such clear photos from you from this event.

You either must have the very best Image Stabilizer on your camera, or were the designated driver.

ben wideman said...

Funny guy.

Actually, they were one of the first tables. My pictures from later in the day don't look quite as good.