Tuesday, April 28, 2009

photo request #22 - city landmarks

another photo from this fantastic list, which was suggested by pasadena's award winning information officer (head on over to her blog for today's mystery history post!).

this photo is of a monument outside of city hall that happens to profile pasadena's beloved robinson boys - baseball player jackie's vision is pointed toward new york city - where he spent much of his career, while olympian mack's gaze is directed at city hall, noting his continued presence in the community.

i love that i also captured another photographer trying to take a picture of the lovely trees.


Holly said...

I love the requests! I meant to ask for one earlier when you solicited them, but am just getting to it now. I've always wanted to take photos of that old closed-up Century 21 theater on Washington (just west of Lake). Could you snap it for me?

ben wideman said...

This will be the easiest photo request to fullfil because I've already done it!


But seriously, I should get back out there and take some more photos of that place.