Sunday, April 12, 2009

photo request #19: water fountains in pasadena

one of the requests from earlier this week was from my co-worker jon (who has a fantastic blog you should all go check out). he suggested that i check out the numerous fountains around pasadena. while wandering around this building in search of a different photo (details on that adventure later), i found this little beauty. sure, the fountain isn't that impressive, but click on the photo. see that mosaic image of city hall above the bench? how sweet is that? thanks for the excellent suggestion jon.

keep those requests coming!


Laurie said...

Oh Ben, you're a brave man to go back to THAT building with a camera!!!

I love the mosaic and would have probably never stumbled upon it. Nice shot!

Jon said...

Nice Ben! Thanks for the shout out... great pic too! said...

The mosaic is by Gifford Myers.

Cafe Observer said...

That's on corner of Lake/Colorado, right?

Good to see both Laurie & Jon here.

Ate at Mr. Lee's in Rosemead today.

ben wideman said...

Laurie - I psyched myself all up and then nothing even happened.

Jon - you need more of a shout out! You write a great blog.

PA - thanks for the insight! Thanks for the tip on the artist.

Cafe - you pegged the location. What is Mr. Lee's? Do share.

Cafe Observer said...

It's a French/Vietnamese sandwich shop, although I was de only non-Asian. A franchise. In baquette's, what they call them is Banh Mi's. We downed them with a Vietnamese Iced Mocha & an Avocado Shake. Good & Popular.

There's one in Rosemead on Valley Blvd about 15min from here.
I took a few pics although only from inside for some dumb reason.

Petrea said...

Nothing happened? Oh, Ben! Damn! I wanted a story! Cops! Fisticuffs!

It is so cool that you went into that courtyard and shot that fountain. I gave up on that building long ago, stopped caring, walked away, blah blah. But I still gaze longingly every time I go by.

I'm picturing one particular jerk of a security guard of (shall we say) petite stature. Maybe he's not there anymore and the whole "no photos" policy was his personal thing. He was the only person who ever bothered me there.

ben wideman said...

Cafe, sounds interesting!

Petrea, kind of anti-climatic, eh?

Petrea said...

Yes and no. You did get a great picture, so you win!