Saturday, April 11, 2009

photo request #18: ck out the eastside more

thursday's post was a call out for photo requests and suggestions. today we debut a series of photo requests - starting with a request from cafe pasadena who among other things, suggested i get over to the east side of pasadena and start taking some pictures.

sandwich story is a lovely little sandwich shop located across the road from pasadena community college (which you could argue is on the east side of town). i came to know about this place on an excellent tip from my friend shana. they have a fantastic and afordable menu, and you gotta love a family run business in these times, right? plus, i know how much mr. cafe loves pasadena's eateries. go check them out!

lots more request from cafe pasadena, but we'll get to some others first.


Antjas said...

Those palm trees look like skinny elephant legs. Do their roots mess up the sidewalks?

Cafe Pasadena said...

Yelp rates it at 4 of 5 stars!
We gotta ck it out! Have you eaten there yet?
It looks better in the inside than out on the outside.

ben wideman said...

Antjas - I'm not sure about the sidewalks, it seems like other trees hurt the sidewalks more than the palms do.

Cafe - I have been, and it is a lovely little sandwich shop! I highly recommend the chicken salad with almonds, but I hear other things are good as well.

Petrea said...

Antjas, I always think of elephant legs, too.

Thanks for the recommendation, Ben.

I can hear the energy in your voice. It sounds good!